Route 66 Cap Salou Spain

Route 66 in the heart of cap Salou is
one of the finest American
dining experiences this side of America.
With the best cuts of succulent steak, juicy big burgers, tasty ribs,
Pizzas galore and pastas to boot, this joint
really has it all when ti comes to food!
The atmosphere is great too and the cocktail menu leaves
Tom Cruise looking shy!
If you are in the area, this restaurant is an absolute must for a dining and drinking
experience you’ll never forget.
For those nursing a hangover in the morning we also cater with a multitude
of breakfast options.
There are traditional Scottish, Irish and English fry ups as well as the
American dream! Pancakes,
syrup and shakes!!
Make sure Route 66 is on your map
when you arrive in Salou